The founders of Hairzmat Suits, Paul and Kathy, are old friends who like to solve everyday problems with simple solutions. One day after spending a hour vacuuming a car after a 20 minute trip to take the dogs out, and picking hair out of her eyes and nose and off her clothes, Kathy decided that the car blanket solution of just covering the seats did not fit the bill! Kathy and Paul worked together to designed a way to trap the hair BEFORE it came off the dogs and became a mess. Their friends heard about the idea and asked for their own suits and finally convinced them to go into business with the idea.
“We wanted something that was breathable, functional, and lightweight. So we designed the Hairzmat Suit. We went through multiple iterations to maximize the containment of the hair and to be comfortable for the pet. We found that its not possible to "fit" all dog shapes and sizes but decided to build something that was loose and roomy for the specific purpose of containing dog hair.”“We wanted something simple to use to take your dogs to the vet, the groomer, on vacation and anywhere you want your little (or big) friends to go. We also use it when the pets have been groomed to keep them clean or when they are wet or muddy to keep the muck in until we can get to the bath and get them cleaned them up. The suit is not meant to be worn all the times. Its meant to be temporarily used when transporting. Always supervise your pet when wearing the suit and you should keep your pet on leash and/or supervised so they don't pull it off or get tangled in the suit. We hope you enjoy the fun!"
PKR Industries